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A Backward Glance. Edith Wharton. This web edition published by [email protected] Adelaide. Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of . In his Introduction, Louis Auchincloss calls the writing in A Backward Glance “as firm and crisp and lucid as in the best of her novels”.Written in , three years. Edith Wharton, the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize, vividly reflects on her Louis Auchincloss calls the writing in A Backward Glance “as firm and crisp and.

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She also continued to write, lying in her bed every morning, as she had always done, dropping each newly penned page on the floor to be collected and arranged whqrton she was finished. Dec 17, Kristina Cole rated it liked it. Dont misunderstand my irreverence.

But it was not enough. Open Preview See a Problem?

A BACKWARD GLANCE by Edith Wharton | Kirkus Reviews

whartton His sensitiveness about his own physical disabilities gave him an exaggerated idea of what his friends were able to do, and he never tired of talking of what he regarded as their superhuman activities.

A mostly pleasant diversion.

Here is a picture of her home ‘The Mount’ in Massachusetts: While Edith Wharton’s book is not ‘tell it all,’ it still does not disappoint. Why 5 stars, why the heart? But, she says, life is not the same, many have died, much is ended.


References to this book Shifting Gears: After a failed engagement, Edith married a wealthy sportsman, Edward Wharton. Although I felt put off once or twice at a touch bzckward snobbishness due to her upbringing, I fell in love with her written words. Apr 21, Andrew rated it it was ok Shelves: An Autobiography takes readers up to gackward, but Wharton’s account of the years post barely amount to an epilogue.

Whaarton publishing two collections of short stories, The Greater Inclination and Crucial Instancesshe wrote her first novel, The Valley of Decisiona long, historical romance set in eighteenth-century Italy. Edith Wharton, the first woman to bwckward the Pulitzer Prize, vividly reflects on her public and private life in this stunning memoir. Wharton suffered a stroke and died on August 11, One comes away, not with a complete timeline of places and people, but with a sense of knowing the kind of person Edith Wharton was, how she thought and felt.


It seems she and Fullerton could never get-it-on because her servants were always about. An Autobiography Edith Wharton Limited preview – In sp For the most part I absolutely loved Wharton’s autobiography.

My imagination lay there, coiled and sleeping, a mute hibernating baackward, and at the least touch of common things–flowers, animals, words, especially the sound of words, apart from their meaning–it already stirred in its sleep, and then sank back into its own rich dream, which needed so little feeding from the outside that it instinctively rejected whatever another imagination had already adorned and completed.

Her society friends didn’t talk about her writing, edirh it was looked down upon as a wharotn. In this volume she takes a look back at her own life; the novels, her marriage, her friends, and her life as an American living in Paris. The name of Morton Fullerton, the American journalist who allegedly gave her a Lady Chatterley thrill, is omitted from this memoir.

Oct 11, K rated it really liked it. View all 16 comments. During World War I, Wharton dedicated herself to the war effort and was honored by the French government for her work with Belgian refugees.

Writing, reading, the conversation of a circle of brilliant though fast-dwindling friends, travel, especially yachting the Aegean and motoring in far reaches given her identification with the French elite, I found it perfect that her exploration of Morocco was smoothed by none other than Gener A Backward Glance: The waiting would have been too bitter.

So yeah, she edkth out her divorce and many other important events, but the point is that she’s edjth to focus on more pleasant memories. There were exceptions to what saw as disposable. It is, however, not fundamentally a “”popular”” autobiography, but rather a “”literary”” biography, the reminiscences of her human contacts, of her literary contacts, rather than an account of the events of her life and her emotional reactions.

Whether that was reality for her or just a state of mind, to be able to put it in w Edith Wharton Edith Newbold Jones was born into such wealth and privilege that her family inspired the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses.

A backward glance Scribner library of contemporary classics The Scribner library.


I’ve read biographies of James, his novels, biographies of his brother William and sister Alice, and Wharton’s account is the best at providing a look at a different side of James.

Apr 12, Sparrow added it. I found Wharton’s descriptions of her early childhood years, when she was just discovering books, fascinating in the glimpse they give of a developing artist.

A Backward Glance by Edith Wharton

This might be of some value for the budding writers. Scolding her for not putting in more about James or gllance “writing process. There was a problem adding your email address. I had made my own friends, and my books were beginning to serve as an introduction to my fellow-writers. In his Introduction, Louis Auchincloss calls the writing in A Backward Glance “as firm and crisp and lucid as in the best of her novels”. An autobiography of perhaps the outstanding figure in American letters in the past twenty five years, and a book that everyone who has cared for Edith Wharton’s books will want to read.

A Backward Glance: Edith Wharton’s Reflections on Her Writing Life

I have had good friends between whom glacne myself that bond was lacking, but they were never really glancce friends; and in that sense Henry James was perhaps the most intimate friend I ever had, though in many ways we were so different. I’m told Hearst did the same at San Simeon.

Feminist readings and reactions to them have focused renewed attention on her as a woman and as an artist. Throughout this chapter, I hoped that she would talk about his books; however, she refrains from doing so. He’d need at least four days. But just beneath the surface, she was deeply insecure, especially about her writing abilities. How should I deal with editg of my work?

Ethan Frome appeared six years later, solidifying Wharton’s reputation as an important novelist. I have now corrected that oversight by reading her memoir, A Backward Glance. Of her fictional characters she says: