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Religion Census All Religion; Hinduism; Muslims; Christianity; Sikhism; Buddhism; Jainism. Population Growth rate of various religion has come down in . Population of Maharashtra in increased to Crore from Crores figure of census. Literacy rate in Maharashtra is percent while sex. Title, Date, Download/Link. Census Data, 26/04/, Download( KB) · Website Policies · Help · Contact Us · Feedback. Content Owned by District.

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Toggle navigation Census Hindu Population Jnganana rate slowed down to Such sharp fall in population growth rate for Muslims didn’t happened in the last 6 decades. Christian Population growth was at The most educated and wealthly community of Jains registered least growth rate in with figure of just 5.

Census of India: Search Details

The Growth rate of Hindus, Muslims and Christian is expected to fall more in upcoming census while manganana religions like Sikhism, Jainism and Buddism are expected to remain jagnanana for next 2 decades considering already slowed down growth rate of these religions.


In India, out of total population of crores Population Growth rate of Hindusim in the last decade stood at Muslim Population Muslims in India are about While its claimed that India has more Muslims than Pakistan, its not true statiscally.

India has third jabganana Muslim Population after Indonesia and Pakistan. For Complete Figures of each state Click Here. Decadal Growth rate of Christianity fell from Sikh Population India has Sikh Population of 2.

The Growth rate of Sikhism fell down to 8. Buddhist Population Approximately 84 lakhs Buddhist reside in India who makes up 0. Growth rate of Buddhism has fell down from Jain Population India is home to 45 lakhs Jainism follower. While Jains Population is just 0.

It’s believed that Jains are most educated and wealthy community in India and therefore it maintains its impact on politics and business of India. Religion Percentage Estimated All Religion janganans Metropolitan Population 1 Mumbai 18, 2 Delhi 16, 3 Kolkata 14, 4 Chennai 8, 5 Bangalore 8, State Literacy 1 Kerala Copyright Census Population Data.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands.